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About Sandtroopers

Hot flashes of light from his light saber streak the air as Obi-Wan Kenobi duels the evil Darth Vader in a fight to the death while Han Solo and Luke Skywalker, Rebel Alliance fighters, rescue the captured Princess Leia. Legions of Star Wars Sandtroopers swarm the scene before the three heroes safely escape. Relive the exciting adventures of Star Wars with a complete set of Sideshow Star Wars Sandtroopers. Recognized by their white armor and helmets, the brutal Sandtroopers were the droid soldiers of the evil Emperor Palpatine and his Galactic Empire. Detailed figures are sold by reliable sellers on eBay with display stands, sets of ammunitions and gear, so your trusty soldier can maintain order with his heavy blaster rifle complete with ammunition in the triple magazine chest pouch. For Lego fans who enjoy the experience and challenge of building your own, choose the Lego Star Wars Sandtrooper and fly off in a droid escape pod that you assemble yourself according to Lego's precise directions. Whatever plan of attack you choose, you can find what you are looking for in the extensive collection of Star Wars Sandtroopers as toys or collectibles. 'May the Force be with you.'