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About SanDisk Extremes

After you have been commissioned to shoot a friend's wedding, you decide to take an inventory of all of your current gear to see which type of photography equipment could make the wedding go a lot smoother. You decide you need to pick up a battery grip, a sturdier tripod, and external flash, and of course, a SanDisk Extreme memory card. While a normal memory card may be perfectly acceptable for those days when you wish to sparingly snap a few photos while hiking in the woods, a SanDisk Extreme card is ideal for those situations in which many pictures are going to be taken in a single setting, such as a wedding or photo shoot. You can increase the amount of pictures that you are able to take by purchasing multiple SanDisk Extreme 8 GB cards, although this still requires you to switch the card every so often. If you never want to switch the card throughout the entire day and night, pick up the SanDisk Extreme 64 GB card. To give you an idea of how many photos this card could hold, with a 10 MP camera, it could carry roughly 4,000 RAW images and close to 30,000 JPEG images. Pick up one of these large memory cards on eBay, either new or used, and prepare for the big day.