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About Sanding Discs

Have you tried running your hands through a wooden tabletop or a bench and wondered, how did it get so smooth and fine like this? The answer you’re looking for is sanding disc. But just what is a sanding disc? It’s not just an ordinary sandpaper that you can manually run through wood or metal. Rather, circular shaped sandpaper is attached to the wheel of a stationary machine, which then is used for rough or fine sanding. So what should you look for in a disc sander? Aside from the size—a sanding disc comes in 2”, 6” up to 12 inches—there’s also the matter of which ones will give the best value. To find a disc that will deliver a near scratch-free finish, you need to get something that deserves your dollars. Packs of professional discs are available on eBay or your trusted woodworking shop. Because at the end of the day, what we really want—aside from world peace—are abrasives that start fast, then last and last.