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About San Francisco - Collectibles

The massive Golden Gate Bridge, scenic views over the Bay, counterculture, Victorian architecture, streetcars, a liberal attitude, and ethnic diversity all demonstrate that there's only one San Francisco. Every visit to the City by the Bay is a memorable one, and collectibles remain one of the best ways to express your admiration for this unique destination. For instance, you could hang a framed vintage poster announcing a performance by one of the city's legendary musicians, such as Carlos Santana, or one presenting an evocative image, like the towering Golden Gate Bridge peeking through a thin veil of fog. As another option, you could collect vintage postcards from the city's early 20th-century boom, with one popular theme from this period featuring the legendary Cliff House, a castle-like restaurant sitting atop a cliff just north of Ocean Beach. Do you love San Francisco sports teams? You can outfit yourself in jerseys, t-shirts, and hats and fill your shelves with signed balls and trading cards. You have countless options for expressing your love of this city at your disposal, especially when you use eBay as your source for new and vintage collectibles. Whether you're lucky enough to have lived in or simply spent time in San Francisco, the right keepsakes are always there to remind you of your time in this culturally rich city.