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About Samsung Unlocked

Why tie yourself to a single cell phone service provider for a few years? With a Samsung unlocked phone, you get the freedom and flexibility to use your device as you choose. Many top smartphones, including numerous Samsung models, are sold along with a contract that dictates which company will provide your talk, texting, and data plan. Furthermore, you're often restricted to a specific plan, no matter how you intend to use your new phone. A Samsung unlocked phone, however, lets you choose which service provider you want to use and how many monthly talk minutes, text messages, and gigabytes of data you prefer to sign up for. You have the freedom to switch providers if you choose, and you can pop in SIM cards from local service providers in foreign countries if your Samsung phone uses GSM technology. eBay offers a huge selection of new and pre-owned Samsung unlocked phones. You'll find all sorts of models, from the Galaxy Focus to the Galaxy Note, on the site. Reliable sellers even offer unlock codes to customers who already own a locked Samsung phone. Freedom's just a few clicks away.

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