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About Samsung Galaxy Tab Keyboards

You use your tablet for surfing the Web, playing games, and watching movies, but with the addition of a Samsung Galaxy Tab keyboard, that handy entertainment hub becomes a productivity powerhouse. Firing off emails, composing documents, posting on Internet forums, and more extensive Web searches are all as easy with a tablet-keyboard combo as they are on a regular laptop. A Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 keyboard practically transforms the tablet into an all-in-one tablet/laptop computer. A Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 keyboard matches the compact size of the 7-inch tablet yet still offers a full range of functions and comfortable kay spacing. The large inventory on eBay includes a full range of standalone keyboard accessories as well as protective tablet cases with keyboards built in. Backlit keyboards make typing easy in darker environments. Wireless Bluetooth dock case keyboards connect without any cumbersome wires, hold the tablet in place with a magnetized slot, and then snap onto the front of the tablet as a hard shell-like cover when not in use. Control media playback, volume, screen brightness, and other common adjustments with a Samsung Galaxy Tab keyboard.