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About Samsung Epic 4G

So many cell phones and smartphones perform decently, but only one can be considered truly "Epic." The Samsung Epic 4G smartphone comes equipped with 512 MB internal memory card, upgradable to 32GB, and a sleek, stylish design for easy use, and that's just the beginning. The 1.0 GhZ processor allows for epic levels of gaming, working, and Internet surfing all at once. Blazing 4G speeds bring the entire Internet to your fingertips quickly and with little downtime. The right Samsung Epic battery can keep your phone running for over six hours of talk time or just as much time surfing the web and chatting with friends. A Samsung Epic 4G case provides security for those unfortunate times when your phone finds its way to the floor. With the reliable sellers of eBay, it?s easy to find a brand new or lightly used Epic and quality accessories. Find the right Samsung Epic 4G for your needs and experience the "Epic" power of the smartphone.

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