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About Samsung Admire

Are you just dying for a smartphone but do not want to fork over loads of cash? Then the Samsung Admire is perfect for you. This phone is super affordable, and there are some excellent accessories to go along with it. The LED screen offers sharp, bright colors that are easy to see in most lighting conditions. The Samsung Admire comes with four hardware function keys, so you can easily navigate the Android system, and a QWERTY keyboard for easy texting and messaging. Shop for Samsung Admire cases and covers, available in soft or hard materials to display all your favorite colors. The Samsung Admire screen protector is also available on eBay to prevent scratches and fingerprint smudges. Even though the battery life is generous, it never hurts to have a spare Samsung Admire battery on hand. Trust that your purchases will be shipped on time with reliable sellers for a hassle-free transaction.