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About Samson Airline

Night after night of catching his drumsticks on the microphone in front of him was getting frustrating. As a singing drummer, he needed a break from this lack of space and found it in a Samson Airline system. Trying to play around a microphone on a boom stand, even on a goose neck, can hamper your swinging groove. A Samson Airline 77 wireless microphone system can deliver the freedom to maneuver around your kit again. Featuring a Samson Airline headset, this wireless mic system has the AH1 headset transmitter that replaces the bulky beltpacks and cables that can interfere with your freedom of movement. Searching through reliable sellers on eBay, he was happy to end his playing-around-the-microphone woes, while still delivering killer vocals through the QV10e headset of his Samson Airline system and its unidirectional, cardioid pickup microphone elements. The CR77 half-rack UHF receiver's LED meters and large rotary volume knob gives him clear command of his volume, while XLR and quarter-inch outputs gives him the flexibility to work with most any soundman's setup. Focus on singing and playing your drums, not playing around your microphone, with a Samson Airline wireless microphone system. With reliable sellers on eBay, turn your hassle with wires into wireless freedom.