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About Samantha Thavasa

Just when you thought there was no more space in your life for another handbag, the lavish designs of Samantha Thavasa tempt you into squeezing in one more. The fun Japanese brand creates adorable accessories that combine modern trends with classic elegance. The designs range from cute to sophisticated, and you can find purses in fresh hues, such as mint pink and baby blue, as well as more grown-up tones, including traditional black, brown, and dark red. The purses feature an abundance of embellishments, from ribbons to rhinestones. Some Samantha Thavasa bags have curved wooden handles that feature the brand logo. There are also Samantha Thavasa wallets that come with plain designs, embossed patterns, or fun Disney prints. The roster of celebrity muses appearing in the brand's advertising includes Beyonce and Paris Hilton, so it is no wonder that the styles are loved by twentysomethings. Samantha Thavasa also offers a jewelry line, girly tea cups, and sparkly keychains that make cherished gifts. Search on eBay for new and used Samantha Thavasa accessories in fun, flirty styles.