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About Salvador Dali

If floppy clocks and freaky-looking elephants float your boat, the artwork of Salvador Dali will certainly whet your appetite, rock your socks, flip your pancake, and perform a host of other metaphors on you, sometimes non-consensually. King of surrealism, Salvador Dali is known for his fantastical images that are both haunting and awe-inspiring. You might recognize some of his more famous paintings like "The Persistence of Memory," "Millet's Architectonic Angelus," "The Invisible Man," and "The Face of War," although even if you do not, there is always the risk of them recognizing you. Dali turned reason on its head, violating every rule of logic and keeping every rule of logic in the same sense at the same time. If you want to peer into Salvador Dali's work or would like to give his work an opportunity to peer into you, pick up a Salvador Dali poster for your room. Alternatively, to bring his famous floppy clocks to life (though perhaps they should remain dead; you have been warned), buy a Salvador Dali clock. Choose from the massive inventory of new and used Salvador Dali items on eBay, and step into Dali's crazy world.