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About Saltwater Sandals

Do you remember the first time you waded in the ocean, played in the sand, and felt the current take you further and further away from shore? When you go to the beach with your little one this summer, make sure she's ready for her first experience of the sea with a pair of Saltwater sandals. First released to the public in the 1940s by the company Hoy Shoe, Saltwater sandals were originally made using scrap leather because of the World War II leather shortage, which also lead to the shoe's relatively open design. On eBay, you can find an assortment of brand new and gently used sandals. Whether you are looking for a white, tan, or black Saltwater sandals, reliable sellers should have plenty of stock, giving you a variety of colors to choose from. Even better, you can also wear them yourself because these are also available in adult sizes. Get matching pairs of Saltwater sandals with your little one today.