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About Salt Water Pools

A swimming pool in your backyard isn?t just a place to splash between tanning sessions; it promotes fitness, gets your kids away from the computers and out of doors, gets your children?s friends over to your house, and is a wonderful gathering place for entertaining. That said, if you?re tired of handling chlorine, the chlorine smell, and the red eyes swimmers get, you may have wondered about the advantages of a salt water pool system. Here?s the skinny: when somebody says they have a "salt water swimming pool," they don?t mean they have a pool full of sea water. Neither does it mean chlorine-free?or, for that matter, maintenance-free. A salt water pool has a chlorination system that creates chlorine from salt via electrolysis. If properly maintained and regulated, a salt water chlorination system like the ones you find on eBay relieves you of the need to directly handle chlorine. It automatically delivers chlorine levels to purify your pool water, but does not have a strong chlorine smell, and does not give people red eyes. Even people with a particular sensitivity to chlorine sometimes report significantly increased comfort. In addition, maintenance (be wary of claims to be "maintenance-free") is greatly simplified to perform and less tricky to get right. Check out the benefits of salt water chlorination and get ready for a hassle-free summer season.