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About Salt Spoons

Sitting in the old dining room takes you back to the days when you were just a little girl. You always loved to play house and serve tea and biscuits just like Grandma, and you can never forget the time that you used her sterling salt spoon as a teaspoon. You remember her explaining to you and your friends that salt spoons were used when she was a little girl, because back then salt didn’t come out of a shaker and had to be scooped out of a bowl instead. While you were intrigued with the story, you were more mystified by the intricate little spoons whose handles were etched with flowers and other designs. You promised Granny that you wouldn’t play with her salt spoons anymore, but asked your father to buy you some of your own. He found a beautiful set on eBay that you cherish, as the beautiful amethyst and white marble glass salt dish in a square pattern was made of real glass. It came with a small silver plate spoon, and while you played with it on occasion, you were always very careful not to chip or break it. In fact, it served as the first item in a collection that you continue to work on today, just like Grandma did.