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About Sailor Moon DVD's

Sailor Moon is a popular cartoon series that originated in Japan. With a Sailor Moon DVD, you can enjoy this series right at home. Before becoming a TV show, Sailor Moon started as a manga series. The plot surrounds a team of magical girls who fight evil through space and the solar system. The main characters are ordinary teenage girls who transform into superheroes when necessary. Their super hero names are after the Moon and planets in space. Consumers can find the DVD collection for Sailor Moon on eBay. Both Japanese and English versions are available. You can choose between buying individual volumes and buying the entire collection. Throughout the series, the girls wear a school uniform similar to a sailor outfit, which is how the series? name originated. Many children enjoy the series, especially girls. It shows the power and strength of girls, which is not seen in many superhero stories. Indulge in a story of superhero girls with a Sailor Moon DVD.