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About Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon tells the story of a somewhat clumsy and ditzy teenage girl in Tokyo named Serena who finds out she is the reincarnation of the Moon Princess on a future kingdom on the moon, sent back in time to defeat her enemies before they destroy the world. Serena transforms into Sailor Moon in order to gain special powers. The show appealed to many children in the 1990s, and it was one of the first anime series featuring a female lead character to gain popularity in English-speaking countries, and many little girls' were drawn to the series' charm. It spawned merchandise such as Sailor Moon dolls, trading cards, toys, and costumes, and some girls' discovered other anime series through their interest in the show. Sailor Moon has retained many of its original fans over the years and continues to captivate young hearts all over the world. If you are a fan, you can find a large inventory of fan merchandise and related products on eBay, including complete Sailor Moon DVD sets, T-shirts, costumes, and more.