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About Safety

The New Yankee Workshop's Norm Abrams became famous for his maxim at the beginning of each show in which he cautioned that before using power tools, "let's take a moment to talk about shop safety." Indeed, Norm was right. Safety is the first step in working in any environment where machinery can induce personal injury. As Norm, and perhaps your own boss or father, cautioned, you should always read and understand the safety rules that come with your equipment and "there is no more important safety rule than to wear these ? safety glasses." Whether working with small woodshop equipment or large heavy-duty industrial machinery, safety glasses are an essential accessory. For many jobs, safety vests are required and recommended. In situations with large or multiple apparatus, the workers can blend in and be injured because someone didn't see them. The brightly-colored neon vests with reflective strips help everyone quickly identify co-workers and keep them safe. eBay offers a large selection of vests, glasses and other safety equipment, new and used, to help business owners keep safety first.