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About Saddle Pads

After many years of use, from training rides to competitions, your old saddle pad has worn out and is due for a replacement. Fortunately, you know of several people to ask about this gear, whether it is for use at competitions, on trail rides, or a bit of both. One suggestion is an impact gel saddle pad, which is available new and used from reliable sellers on eBay. This saddle pad comes in a range of sizes and features a contoured design that allows for maximum comfort for both the rider and the horse. There are pads designed specifically for Western riding as well as English riding styles, along with dressage. Some horse saddle pads are quite versatile, making them useful for a variety of activities. During your search, you may also come across saddle pads that come with a blanket, along with pads featuring a felt top and shock absorbent material. Convenient shipping options mean no long shopping trips or waits in line for your saddle pad.