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About Saddle Bags

Go the distance with a pair of perfectly sized saddle bags for your motorcycle. The best way to store everything from a set of tools and basic work equipment to a picnic lunch, a set of treated leather saddle bags with stainless steel bolts and rivets endures under the most intense of weather conditions and across all kinds of rough terrain. Imagine packing all of your essentials snugly in a couple of well cared for vintage saddle bags and taking off for the weekend without a care in the world. With a pair of new or previously owned hard or soft saddle bags from eBay, you can turn any afternoon road trip into a weekend getaway on a moment's notice. Choose high quality and durable saddle bags boasting stainless steel hardware, designed to stand the test of time. From there, the options are limitless, from a host of colors, designs, sizes, and styles to suit the needs and personality of any rider. The road is yours.