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About Sabian Hi Hat

The Sabian hi hat sets the standards when it comes to cymbals for drum kits. Sabian is a Canadian brand famous worldwide for its unparalleled mastery on percussion instruments, and its hi hat line particularly is an absolute must for any accomplished drummer or aspiring beginner. This type of Sabian hi hat cymbal is a typical part of a drum kit—two cymbals mounted on a stand, one on top of the other, and a pedal, which can be used to clash and hold the cymbals together. What sets the Sabian AA hi hats apart from others is the sound that it is capable of producing. Vibrantly dark and pure explosive energy—those qualities make the Sabian hi hat paragon of cymbals. There are cymbal kits and other percussion instruments on eBay in new, pre-loved and vintage conditions that will complete any drummer’s dream kit. After all, a cymbal can make or break a sound, especially yours.

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