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About S10 Wheels

Your Chevy S10 pick-up truck is an important investment and provides you with the room you need to get the job done. Since you take this truck anywhere and everywhere, the S10 wheels need to be strong. You cannot have a bad wheel stop your workflow. Chevy S10 wheels are available in several different sizes, ranging from 15 inches and larger. A working truck needs a solid set of wheels to provide the both the comfort and support to do those heavy duty tasks. Chevy S10 OEM, or original equipment manufacturer's wheels are made from forged steel and allow for the ideal balanced tire size that maintain the trucks fuel economy and power. Larger aftermarket wheels offer different offsets, which either push in the face of the wheel or pull it out further. The wheels are also wider which allow for tires for more traction to be mounted. The traction from these tires help prevent the brakes from locking, hydroplaning, and increases the tow capability of the truck. A large inventory of S10 wheels are available on eBay.