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About Ryu

Style is a fickle mistress with nary a care for personal whims; however, if you do not care about style, you can create your own fashion. This kind of bold trendsetting is ultimately what leads to popular styles anyway, and RYU is a company that understands this. The line of clothing from this designer is shabby chic and feminine. The clothes are made with mostly neutral colors, but sometimes a design works well with a bright colors thrown in. Ruffles, lace, and fringe feature prominently in the collection, especially the dresses and sweaters. The collection mostly uses polyester and lace, but some of the clothes are made from acrylic fibers. Because of the vintage style and ruffling of the clothes, it is better to hand wash or dry clean them, but you can machine wash polyester on gentle. Just be sure to hang the clothes up rather than putting them in the dryer. To discover your own shabby chic style, check out the vast inventory of RYU clothes available on eBay.

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