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About RV Steps

Anxious to hit the open road in your new RV, you think you have everything packed and ready to go. Then you remember you have no RV steps. Depending on the height of your RV, you may need a set of double or triple steps. RV Electric steps have a non-skid surface and safely support up to 750 pounds. The electronic steps can be electrically controlled or manually controlled. If you choose electronic control, a door switch automatically extends the steps when the door opens and retracts when closed. You can lock the steps in the extended position when the RV is parked. An ignition override automatically retracts the steps when the ignition is turned on, so you will not accidentally drive away with the steps in the extended position. RV folding steps mount under the RV steps and swing up to self-store under the RV when not in use. The folding steps, made of heavy gauge steel, provide safety and stability, and help prevent the RV from rocking. The steel steps will not sag, and the width can be adjusted from 8 inches to 14 inches, with a slide bar, located under the steps. You can find a vast inventory of RV steps on eBay.

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