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About RV Sinks

Whether you are renovating your entire camper or just replacing your RV sinks, finding just the right size and style is important for a correct fit. RV kitchen sinks are available in double-bowl styles, plastic, and stainless steel. If you are handy and need a larger sink for your kitchen or bathroom, you can cut out a larger opening in the counter top and replace the current sink with a double-bowl sink. These are very convenient in the RV kitchen for rinsing your catch-of-the-day or just having more room to wash and rinse dishes. Keep in mind that a kitchen sink gets a lot of use, so replacing a plastic sink with a stainless one offers more durability without worrying about cracking the plastic. If you are replacing the sink in the camper bathroom, which gets milder use, choosing from one of the plastic RV bathroom sinks can be an economical option. Determine whether you need an undermount-style sink, which fastens underneath the sink cutout, or one of the more common top-mount RV sinks that has a lip, which sits on the counter top. Once you know the mounting requirements, research the vast inventory on eBay for the style of sink you need.