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About RV Lights

Usually when you go camping, one of the last things you think about packing is spare parts for RV lights. You figure that LED lights last a long time and very rarely blow out. While this may be true, it does happen. You don?t want to be settling down for the night with a good book and a beer, just to have the lights go out and leave you in the dark. Just like at home, you should always have spare parts?this includes the strip lighting in the ceiling, the recessed lighting under cabinets, and even the exterior lights. You definitely don?t want your party lights to blow out in the middle of a Fourth of July celebration, especially if the whimsy palm tree string lights you found on eBay were the only way your guests knew where the party was. No one would show up, and you?d be stuck with seven pounds macaroni salad and no guests to eat it. No, be on the safe side and remember to keep back up parts for RV lights handy at all times.