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About RV Interior

You’re making dinner in your RV as the last rays of sun pour over the horizon. You decide to turn on an RV interior light so you can see to finish preparing your meal, but as soon as you flip the switch, everything goes dead: You tried to draw too much power at once and tripped the breaker. The standard for RV interior lights used to be standard incandescent light bulbs, but with today’s technology you can get the same amount of light as an incandescent while drawing far less power. Your two choices are LED lights and fluorescent lights. Fluorescent lights draw approximately one-quarter the power of a comparable incandescent light bulb, which means you could have four times as many lights on but draw no more power than your old fixture. They also produce a warm, slightly yellow light similar to incandescent bulbs. The primary drawback with fluorescents is that they take time to light up completely as the gas inside the bulb activates. RV interior LED lights are a popular choice on eBay because they take even less power than fluorescent lights, but display their full brightness as soon as you flip the switch. LEDs tend to last far longer than fluorescent and incandescent bulbs, but some dislike the cool, blue light they produce. Reliable sellers on eBay offer both options, so you can find the right lighting for your RV. Whichever upgrade you choose, you won’t ruin your dinner next time you turn the light.