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About RV Furnace

State to state, campground to campground, your RV is a comfortable solution for long-term traveling, but a cold blast alerts you to a busted heater. An RV furnace is just what you need to bring the warmth back into your home away from home. The first consideration when purchasing a new RV furnace is the size, which is rated by BTUs, which affects how quickly your area will heat. When choosing your furnace, find an option that is equivalent to the existing BTU size, as too large of a unit will cause short cycles and lower the efficiency of your unit. RVs typically use propane gas to heat the RV, and units can be ducted or direct discharge. A ducted RV propane furnace uses a system of ducts similar to stick-built houses to transfer heat from the furnace to various areas of the RV, resulting in more even heating throughout the whole unit. On the other hand, a direct discharge RV gas furnace is a small, lightweight unit that features only one air source. Both types of RV furnaces are efficient, so you should choose a unit from the large inventory available on eBay that best meets your RV's requirements.