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About RV Air Conditioner

Sweat, damp clothes, and heat fatigue are killing your family vacation. If your RV air conditioner is not working properly, the intense summer heat can make a great time quite miserable. Luckily, a replacement RV air conditioner can save the day. Most styles go in the ceiling of your RV and come with a remote control for easy temperature control. In general, RV rooftop air conditioners have an output of either 13,500 or 15,000 BTUs, variable blower speeds, and an Hx. 115 - 1-60 SCFM electrical rating. It is important to make sure the replacement unit is comparable with your RV because the year, make, and model of the RV impact the type of air conditioner you can install and use. The vast inventory of RV parts on eBay includes Carrier RV air conditioners and units from other respected brands to ensure your summer vacation memories are cool and sweet.