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About Rutilated Quartz

Needle-lines interlace the translucent surface of the stone, its raw exterior betraying its exotic nature. Familiar yet mysterious, rutilated quartz is but one of rarest types of quartz, and also one of the most highly prized. The linear slivers that slice their way through this odd formation lend it a unique appearance, one that is difficult to recreate through artificial means. The presence of the mineral rutile gives it its name, while its reverence by some as a healing stone?and a fashionable piece of jewelry, by others?has helped to maintain its rarity. Reliable sellers on eBay have listed many rutilated quartz items, from jewelry to raw stones to the simple pleasure of a rutilated quartz pendant. The general commonness of quartzite stones has caused some to dismiss them as ornate fixtures on exquisite jewelry, but rutilated quartz combats this misnomer with its strange appearance. A rutilated quartz ring is eye-catching; the stone draws eyes with its familiar luster, then amazes with the unique formations within it. Suspected healing properties aside, this rare form of quartzite is a potential hot-commodity for jewelry connoisseurs and geo-hobbyists alike.