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About Russian Gold

The jewelers of Tsarist Russia spent years bent over elaborate and fantastical creations, eyes straining by lamplight, until their masterworks were complete. Today, Russian gold jewelry is among the finest in the world, a touchstone of quality for jewelers and goldsmiths everywhere. You can purchase elite pieces, such as a stunning Russian gold ring to serve as an engagement band, promise ring, or wedding ring, from a variety of reliable vendors on eBay offering new and used jewelry. A Russian gold chain is not just a piece of jewelry to be fastened around a loved one's neck on the night of a party; it is part of a proud and hallowed tradition that has helped shape the worlds of fashion and jewelry. Russian gold is a mark of taste and sophistication that harkens back to the splendors of the Old World and the magnificent embellishments of Orthodox ascendancy in the winter court of the last Tsars.