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About Russian Costumes

Gather your comrades and trudge out into the blinding snow, for the glorious revolution of the people is at hand. In a Russian costume, you can play up the cultural stereotypes of the late 20th century regarding the drudgery and difficulty of life in Soviet Russia where bread lines stretched down streets and spies lurked in every government-surveilled cafe and deli. A girls' Russian costume consists of the iconic ushanka fur hat and a grey Communist Party uniform, though it takes a good pair of thick boots to really bring the whole ensemble together in an authentic manner. A Russian folk costume hews more toward traditional ethnic Slavic dress, from braided hair up to colorful skirts and leggings. These costumes are great for costume parties or for paying tribute to your Slavic heritage and the vibrant cultures that have blossomed for centuries in some of the coldest and least hospitable places on the entire planet. You can find a Russian costume in the vast inventory of costumes and costume supplies on eBay, whether you are nodding to Russian culture or simply looking for a stunning outfit.