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About Russian Antiques

It was British Prime Minister Winston Churchill who declared, "Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma." Delve into the rich mystery of Russia's long history and deep cultural roots and imbue your life with a touch of Old World charm with genuine Russian antique art, jewelry, and home decor. Peruse the huge selection of antique Russian porcelain, like exquisite porcelain dinnerware crafted by the Kornilov Brothers, the Kuznetsov factory, or Ivan Zolotov, delicate figurines of cherubic children, majestic Borzoi wolfhounds, and graceful ladies, or ornate porcelain eggs. Adorn yourself with antique Russian jewelry. All eyes may turn to you when you enter the room wearing a late 19th century Imperial Russian art nouveau brooch forged in antique .875 silver, an intricate, 14-karat gold, Etruscan-inspired chain necklace, or a gold, diamond-encrusted ring painted with turquoise enamel, circa 1850. Explore the porcelain, the jewelry, and the extensive selection of Russian antique books, icons, silverware, and more available from the reliable sellers on eBay. Unwrap the riddle.