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About Russian

Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Tchaikovsky, and Baryshnikov are just a few of the famous names associated with Russian cultural production. While a great many pieces that help to define this rich and varied culture bear no artist's name, they still remain distinctly Russian. Before the Bolsheviks discarded the Russian monarchs, painters produced an enormous amount of Russian icons, and these portraits of Orthodox saints circulated throughout the country and flooded out into the rest of the world as the collapse of the Soviet Union opened borders. Perhaps even more unmistakably Russian than icons are nesting dolls. As a series of progressively smaller wooden dolls kept inside of one another, these carry themes related to Russia, including anything from folk tales to Soviet leaders. To bolster your own collection of Russian antiques, you can visit eBay to find the items mentioned above and many more, including antiques, coins, hats, and porcelain. Additionally, even though some pieces might be more than a century old, don't be surprised if you find them in near-mint condition. The only way to find more Russian artifacts than on eBay is to take a trip to Russia, but that wouldn't be nearly as convenient.