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About Russell Wilson

After leading the Seattle Seahawks to the team's first-ever Super Bowl title in 2014, Russell Wilson collectibles shot to premium prices. Every sports fan wants a Russell Wilson jersey. You see stadiums full of fans sporting the "Number 3" jersey, so go to one of eBay's reliable sellers and find yours now. After winning the Super Bowl in his second year in the league and winning the NFL Rookie of the Year award his first year in the league, the Russell Wilson rookie card became a highly-valued collectible. Russell Wilson also played baseball in college and was drafted by the Colorado Rockies, so any memorabilia from his time on the diamond is a rare find and maybe even more valuable than some of his football collectibles. After falling a couple of rounds in the NFL draft because he was too small to play quarterback, Russell Wilson seems to be a keeper in the league now. Start your Russell Wilson collection now. He may be the NFL's next multiple Super Bowl winner!