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About Run DMC

During the 1980s there was a select group of artists that laid the foundations of the mainstream dominance of hip hop, and subsequent enormous shifts in the world's pop culture. There is no doubt that Run DMC was one of those acts, and even if the legendary group is no longer active their legacy lives on in music and fashion. The 1987 single "Christmas in Hollis" has become a holiday staple on hip hop radio, and you can celebrate the song and the group with a brand-new, never worn "Christmas in Hollis" Adidas Run DMC shirt featuring both the Adidas logo and the famous Keith Haring artwork for the single. The sellers on eBay carry a slew of other Run DMC shirts, including a retro style Run DMC sweatshirt that looks like it came straight from 1987, but is actually in brand-new condition and available in adult medium, large, and extra-large sizes. With all of the convenient shipping options provided by the sellers on eBay, you can have your clothing delivered to you when you choose.