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About Rugrats

The show Rugrats centers on a lively group of toddlers, whose personalities, families, and experiences make them uniquely relatable and lovable to a preschool audience. Tommy, Phil, Lil, Chuckie, and Angelica form the core group of characters, with the occasional appearance of minor characters in the form of parents or pets. In each episode, mundane events in the toddlers' lives transform into amazing adventures through the power of imagination. Themes of exploration, self-discovery, and friendship develop throughout the show, which lasted for nine seasons and a total of 172 episodes. Although the show was canceled, the wacky animation style and off-beat storylines created a unique series well worth preserving for future generations. To please the Rugrats fans in your family, check eBay for a Rugrats DVD or Rugrats figures. eBay's reliable sellers supply a variety of products, both pre-owned and new. With a collection of Rugrats episodes and toys, your children can keep their favorite characters alive and produce their own imaginative adventures.