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About Rugby - Clothings, Shoes & Accessories

The British version (and historic predecessors) of American football, Rugby is reported to be the sport of "gentlemen", although if you have ever actually watch a game of rugby it can be hard to see what's so gentlemanly about annihilating each other with those physically rough looking tackles and scrums. Odds are that you're not really all that bothered about the sport of rugby, but you kind of like the smart casual look of a rugby shirt—and nothing says sophisticated nonchalance like a well made Ralph Lauren rugby shirt. If that's a bit on the pricey side for you, then eBay sellers have lots of new and preloved rugby shirts and rugby shorts to suit all budgets, in a range of colors and styles for you to browse through. By chance, if you are in fact a rugby player then there is plenty of professional sportswear, so even if your tackles aren't pretty—your clothing is.