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About Rug Hookings

Your historical New England house dates back to the 1800s, and the floors are wide, painted pine boards. Not just any rug looks suitable on these old-fashioned floors; try a rug hooking project for an authentic look. Rug hooking was a popular craft in the 1800s. The handiwork requires a special latch hook tool to pull strands of yarn through a burlap backing. Using many different colors, you can create intricate and bright patterns. An experienced artist can create original patterns, but if this sounds daunting to you, try starting with a rug hooking pattern. The pattern outlines the shapes, flowers, or other designs for your rug, and you can choose the colors. With a pattern, you can customize the colors of your rug to your room. To make things even simpler, you can order a complete rug hooking kit. This comes with a pattern and all the yarn you need. While you do not get to choose your own colors, you get the convenience of everything you need in one package. Sellers found on eBay offer everything you require for your rug hooking project, from patterns to complete kits, and in a range of difficulties, from beginner to experienced. Take advantage of easy shipping options to complete the authentic 1800s feel in your house.