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About Ruff Racing

Liking things rough on the road does not have to mean you enjoy sacrificing style. With Ruff Racing wheels, you get an upgraded look that still says you mean business. Ruff Racing manufactures aftermarket wheels and rims that bring added glamour and performance to vehicles in both the sport luxury and stretch/sport compact categories, giving you options for anything from a Corvette or Lexus to a Honda. Designs range from the minimal and classic to trendy standouts. The Ruff Racing R953 wheels, for example, have a sharp 5-spoke design with two lips and the dramatic accent of a bolt-on metal Ruff Racing name plate available in black and chrome. Those who like a simpler option can check out Ruff Racing R280 wheels, available in gloss black with a machined lip or a seamless and shiny chrome. To get special fitments, enhanced performance, and a new look on your sports or luxury vehicle, take a look at the large inventory of Ruff Racing wheels on eBay.