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About Ruehl

The fashion world is filled with brands that have stopped production due to the economic downturn. Ruehl, or Ruehl No. 925, is a prime example. The brand is an upscale variation of Abercrombie and Fitch, and it captures the aesthetics and culture of Greenwich Village. The brand's clothing is aimed at the post-grad segment as a way to retain customers that outgrow the Abercrombie and Fitch vibe. Thus, the clothes are often more refined, with what is described as a more risky approach to clothing than Polo Ralph Lauren, while still remaining respectable enough for the workplace. In addition to clothing like shirts, jeans, and other garments, Ruehl products extend into the world of perfume and leather goods. Ruehl handbags regularly earn praise for their quality construction and limited design. Of course, now that the line is discontinued, all Ruehl products are becoming increasingly rare. You can find an impressive collection of Ruehl products on sale from the vast inventory on eBay.