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About Rubber Snakes

Your rubber ducky may be the one, but rubber snakes can make bath time just as fun. These creatures resemble various species of snakes including cobras, pythons, water snakes, and garden snakes. You can find them in heavy rubber material, which emulates the weight of real snakes. Rubber has a dense core and offers plenty of flexibility, giving the look and feel of slithering snakes. For youngsters fascinated with reptiles, realistic rubber snakes make entertaining and educational play items. You can find them in various lengths, ranging from small snakes averaging 1 foot or less to large predatory species spanning 5 to 7 feet. These snakes feature imprinted scales, which give the illusion of real snakeskin texture. Deep grooves in between the scales add depth, while hand-painted or spray-painted eyes give snakes lifelike looks. You can find some snakes in attack mode with open jaws and extending tongues, letting your kids see their favorite animals in action. On eBay, you can explore a large inventory of rubber snakes. If you cannot choose just one, no problem; simply search for rubber snake lots instead.

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