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About RS Prussia

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art." From 1864 to 1945, RS Prussia created stunning beauty in its two porcelain factories located in what are now Suhl, Germany, and Upper Silesia. Finely crafted and ornately decorated RS Prussia dinnerware, serving ware, and home decor are highly prized, particularly pieces adorned with animals, landscapes, and portraits. Allow the delicate artistry of refined society to permeate your home and make every family dinner, Sunday brunch, or afternoon tea an extra special event. Explore the lovely selection of RS Prussia offered by the reliable sellers on eBay for bowls, plates, teapots, and more. How about an exquisite, floral RS Prussia chocolate pot with matching cups and saucers, or a genuine antique celery dish with hand-painted swans gliding across a blue lake, circa 1910? You may even choose to bring home porcelain festooned with a highly prized RS Prussia portrait, like a glazed bowl featuring a beautiful woman in lavender and pink, or a set of Suhl vases featuring Victorian musketeers and townspeople. You have extraordinary taste, now bring the beauty home.