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About Roycroft

Owning an antique is like stepping back through the years and into another time. A fine Roycroft piece certainly has this power. Roycroft is known for its forward-thinking ethos, one that still appeals to many over a hundred years after the arts and craft reformers stormed onto the scene. The Roycroft movement can still be seen in modern architecture and design today, as the philosophy and aesthetics of members like Elbert Hubbard shape many modern intuitions on the disciplines. Roycroft works spanned a wide range of mediums, with an incredible attention to detail found throughout the movement's creations. The Roycroft model is perhaps nowhere better displayed than in small pieces like candlesticks and ashtrays. However, Roycroft bookends and Roycroft furniture are well regarded in the collector community. To find a display of the range of Roycroft works, simply scan the items for sale in the large inventory on eBay. The list is impressive, with simple and beautiful creations throughout. It is easy to see why the Roycroft movement continues to be seen as a defining moment in American architecture and design.

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