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About Royal Kent

Are you in the mood for zupa pomidorowa or bubble and squeak? Either way, you and your family can enjoy your meals in total cultural immersion with Royal Kent from Poland or England. Set your dining table in true international style and elegance with dazzling pieces of genuine Royal Kent Poland. Bring home a complete "Fruit Garland" dinnerware set including sugar bowl, creamer, and soup tureen. How about a stunning oval serving platter in the "Bavarian Rose" pattern, or a Christmas teapot adorned with holly leaves and berries, just perfect with a plate of your famous Christmas cookies? If you are searching for Royal Kent china made in Straffordshire England, look no further for exquisite patterns such as "Daffodils," "Ivy," and "Tranquility." How about a white lidded server rimmed in gold, a pristine set of "Tranquility" salad plates, or an 18-piece dessert serving set in "Lavender Clematis?" And for your little one, pick up a bone china child's bowl and plate set in the charming "Mouseykins" pattern. Depend on reliable sellers on eBay for a virtually infinite selection of Royal Kent from both sides of the English Channel.