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About Royal Copenhagen

Does food taste better on Royal Copenhagen dinnerware? Probably not, but it will look better, and you know what they say about the eye eating before the mouth. This Danish company mastered the art of presentation in the late 18th century and long since expanded its production of fine porcelain pieces into vases, figurines, and other collectibles. In the world of fine bone china, Royal Copenhagen stands out for its patterns and its distinct blue hues. The most famous of the former remains Flora Danica, which features examples of Danish flowers and other plant life. Although Royal Copenhagen produces many of its finer pieces in limited numbers, it also makes more common items such as those in its white fluted series. Whether you're after rare or common Royal Copenhagen pieces, you can start your search on eBay, where sellers on the site offer both mint-condition collector's items and dinnerware that you can use on a nightly basis. Whichever items you're after, remember that presentation remains a key aspect of aesthetics, and Royal Copenhagen pieces provide a sure way to attract and please the eye.