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About Royal Blue

It is time for your 10-year class reunion, and you have been planning to show up and knock everyone's socks off with your stunning outfit and toned, trim physique. It is only fitting that you proudly sport your Zeta Phi Beta signature color of royal blue to add to the feeling of success. In high school, you had it rough: people picked on you for your braces and short curly hair. Once you reached college, however, you blossomed. Joining Zeta Phi Beta was your crowning achievement, and the appeal of their royal blue shirts and clothes made you feel so much better. After all, legends tell of how royal blue was created for a queen's dress, adding meaning to the eloquent name. Whether a sexy sarong style royal blue dress or a curvy sweetheart cut royal blue dress, the selection on eBay offers you a wide variety of styles to fit your taste. You do not want to forget a pair of royal blue heels to show off your long, shapely legs for all of your jealous classmates to envy. You can definitely feel like a queen wearing royal blue.