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About Royal Bayreuth

The combination of the aesthetic and the functional is a familiar one in many crafts, but perhaps none exemplify this tradition more than pottery and glasswork. Take the products of the Royal Bayreuth factory, for example. With a history stretching back into the late 1700s, the Royal Bayreuth crest is one of the premier producers of fine pottery. Everything from plates to dinnerware is decorated with the finest and most delicate precision, intricate designs forever etched into the ceramic. Royal Bayreuth China is esteemed for its beauty and fragility, mirroring that of a flower in bloom. Many pieces bear the portraits of famous personages, while others are inspired by natural beauty. Royal Bayreuth vases, for example, are often decorated with floral imagery that presages their use. You can find an impressive collection of Royal Bayreuth items on sale from a vast inventory on eBay. Everything from purely decorative pieces to functional dinnerware can be had. Many of the best-loved pieces are animal figurines, some of them serving a purpose in the kitchen. A Royal Bayreuth piece is the perfect finishing touch to any collection.