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About Royal Albert Flower of The Month

Lady Carlyle, Violets of Love, White Dogwood, Princess Anne, Kentish Rockery, and the Royal Albert Flower of the Month are some of the infamous tea patterns produced by this antique and aristocratic china company. Originally created to serve the royal tastes of the English upper class, it is still held in great esteem by the throne. It is also sought after by collectors who look for old and new themes and patterns manufactured by this highly regarded china producer. Floral themed bone china in pure white with golden edges and delicately painted leaves are the hallmarks of this company. If you are a collector and are looking for Royal Albert Flower of the Month collection, you can find a vast selection on eBay to choose from. This pattern features the name of the month usually printed on the upper and inner corner of the teacup. Pick from December with the Christmas Rose depiction, September with the beautiful Michaelmas Daisy, March with Montrose, or June with the graceful Dog Rose flower. Each Royal Albert bone china Flower of the Month represents a unique decorative floral design that exemplifies English class at its finest. Do not forget to check for the seal of authenticity or the backstamp.