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About Roxy

A popular, trendy brand for middle-school age and young adult girls, Roxy has been around for years and has firmly established itself as one of the go-to brands for fashion-forward clothing, shoes, and accessories. If you were to visit a middle school or even a high school, you would see multiple girls carrying a Roxy bag, whether a colorful backpack or just a purse. It is little wonder that Roxy backpacks are especially popular with young girls: from classic school-ready packs that can haul textbooks, to the hipster-style “drifter” backpacks with chevron or old-fashioned floral designs, there's a backpack for every girl's style. The shopper can easily find the right backpack for her personality and needs, offered by reliable sellers on eBay, where new and gently used products are available. Other products from this company are available on eBay as well, such as a beach Roxy dress, shirts, shoes, swimwear, winter clothing, jeans, skirts, workout clothing, and much more.