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About Round Picture Frames

Round picture frames are the new square. Many of these frames feature silhouettes reminiscent of the Victorian era, and you can bring this charm into your home as you cover your walls with delightful photos. The frames consist of different materials, including wood and metal, and feature intricate carvings or smooth, sleek finishes. Antique round frames often feature delicate designs that perfectly accent black and white prints. Depending on the look you prefer, you can use modern or vintage prints to create the perfect sense of nostalgia. Similar to antique frames, though not quite as old, vintage round frames often feature rich, dark woods that create a mid-century vibe in a room. Many types of picture frames are available among the vast inventory on eBay to help you create an elaborate photo wall filled with family and friends, past and present. For some, a home filled with round picture frames represents a home filled with infinite memories, as defined by the ongoing circle. After all, square edges only get in your way when you take a trip down memory lane.